community support

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primary partners

Bexar County and the City of San Antonio are the primary partners developing the SEP-HCP. These partners are contributing the 25 percent local matching funds to the federal grant funds awarded by the USFWS to develop the SEP-HCP.

These primary partners have assembled a large team of advisors, experts, and stakeholders to ensure that the SEP-HCP represents the needs of the local community, is biologically sound, and meets the regulatory requirements of the Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and Chapter 83 of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code.

stakeholders group

The Stakeholders Group is composed of and open to the entire community interested in the development of the SEP-HCP, and is regularly invited to participate in the creation of the conservation plan by recieving meeting notices, project updates, and other communications from the project team.

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citizens advisory committee

The CAC was appointed to assist with development of the SEP-HCP, including reviewing the work of the Biological Advisory Team and the form and level of mitigation proposed in the plan, identifying appropriate funding mechanisms to implement the plan, and determining the method of participation in the plan. The CAC has adopted a charge and a set of operational rules to guide their actions.

The CAC was assebled with recommendations by the Stakeholders Group, the Agency Oversight Group, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department ("TPWD") and includes 21 members representing a variety of interests, including:

Ms. Mary Bradshaw - Bexar County landowner (alternate Ms. Lottie Millsaps)
Mr. Delmar Cain - Kendall County landowner (alternate Mr. Chuck Janzow)
Ms. Ann Dietert - Kerr County landowner (alternate TBD)
Ms. Bebe Fenstermaker - Bexar County landowner (alternate Mr. Clark Terrell)
Dr. Bob Fitzgerald - Medina County landowner (alternate Mr. Lester Landrum)
Mr. Randy Johnson - Bexar County landowner (alternate Myfe Moore)
Mr. Gary Schott - Bexar County landowner (alternate Ms. Madelyn Schott)

Mr. Kirby Brown - Texas Wildlife Association (alternate TBD) - CAC Co-chair
Ms. Mary Fenstermaker - Hill Country Planning Association (alternate TBD)
Mr. Gerald McFarlen - Cibolo Nature Center (alternate TBD)
Ms. Annalisa Peace - Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (alt. Mr. Paul Barwick )

Mr. Ian Cude - Cude Engineering/Real Estate Council of San Antonio
Mr. Charles "Frosty" Forster - Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP)
Mr. Michael Moore - Ironstone Development/Greater San Antonio Builders Assn.
Ms. Susan Wright - Susan Wright & Associates/Real Estate Council of San Antonio
floating alternate Mr. George Peck - CEC Engineering
floating alternate Mr. Bob Liesman - MBC Engineering

Ms. Deirdre Hisler, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (alternate Mr. Nic Maloukis)
Mr. Tom Hornseth - Comal County (alternate TBD)
Ms. Sandy Jenkins - City of San Antonio (alt. Mr. Eric Lautzenheiser)
Commissioner Jonathan Letz - Kerr County (alternate TBD)- CAC Co-chair
Council Member Jennifer Nottingham - City of Grey Forest (alt. Mayor Jeff Waldrop)
Ms. Jenna Terrez - CPS Energy (alternate Ms. Kim Stoker)

To ensure that the process is consistent with Chapter 83 of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Code, which regulates the development of regional habitat conservation plans by local governments, at least 4 individuals or 33 percent of the CAC members (whichever is greater) own undeveloped or agricultural land in the SEP-HCP plan area. TPWD also appointed one member of the CAC.

The work of the CAC is subject to the Open Meetings Act and the Open Records Act, and all meetings are open to the public. A brief biography of the CAC members and appointed alternates is available here. You may contact the CAC by sending an email to [email protected].

biological advisory team

The BAT advises the primary partners on technical matters relating to the biology and conservation of the species and habitats addressed in the SEP-HCP. The BAT will assist with calculating the degree of harm to the species covered by the plan and calculating the size and configuration of the needed habitat preserves.

Members of the BAT were appointed by the primary partners, TPWD, and the landowner members of the CAC. The BAT includes the following professional biologists:

  • Mr. Richard Heilbrun, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - BAT Chairperson
  • Ms. Valerie Collins, Pape-Dawson Engineers
  • Dr. Andy Gluesenkamp, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Ms. Julie Groce, Texas A & M University
  • Dr. Tom Hayes, Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance
  • Ms. Jayne Neal, City of San Antonio
  • Ms. Jackie Poole, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Mr. Justin Dreibelbis, Texas Wildlife Association

Click here to view the BAT's adopted charge defining the team's role in the SEP-HCP process. The BAT has also adopted a set of operational procedures to help guide their actions. The work of the BAT is subject to the Open Meetings Act and the Open Records Act, and all meetings are open to the public. You may contact the BAT by sending an email to [email protected].

agency oversight group

The AOG is composed of representatives from Bexar County, City of San Antonio, TPWD, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ("USFWS"), and the co-chairs of the CAC to facilitate coordination of the SEP-HCP process. The AOG will review the progress on each phase of the project, ensure work is completed on schedule and within budget, and provide a liaison between the primary partners and state and federal regulatory agencies involved in the process. Click here to view the AOG's adopted charge.

Representatives on the AOG include:
  • Mr. Andrew Winter - Bexar County Infrastructure Services Department
  • Ms. Trish Wallace and Mr. Christopher Looney - City of San Antonio Planning and Development Services
  • Ms. Christina Williams - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Mr. Richard Heilbrun - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and BAT chair
  • Mr. Kirby Brown and Commissioner Jonathan Letz - CAC co-chairs

    You may contact the AOG by sending an email to [email protected].

consultant team

Bexar County engaged a team of environmental consultants to help guide the SEP-HCP process and prepare the necessary documents for a complete application to the USFWS.

Bowman Consulting leads the project team. Bowman biologists have special expertise in the conservation of the golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, as well as the development of regional habitat conservation plans in Texas.

Zara Environmental completes the core group of scientific and conservation planning professionals on the consultant team. Bowman and Zara will be responsible for the majority of the work completed under this project.

To assist the our core group of science and conservation specialists, the Bowman-Zara team also includes several firms and people that are experts in land use projections and regional planning, public financing strategies, impact analysis, and communications.

Jacobs Engineering Group will assist with National Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (the "EIS"), particularly with respect to cultural and socioeconomic analyses and environmental justice issues.

Ximenes & Associates will facilitate meetings of SEP-HCP committees to help identify and resolve potential conflicts among various stakeholder interests and arrive at consensus regarding the conceptual design of the plan.

Mr. Wendell Davis, AICP will be responsible for assisting the team with geographically distributed population projections and land development trends for the greater San Antonio area.

M.E. Allison will help assess the potential economic impacts of SEP-HCP implementation and assist the team with identifying feasible funding mechanisms for the plan.

The County has also retained independent legal counsel to provide additional guidance during the planning process. Jackson Walker, LLP is assisting Bexar County with legal matters associated with the preparation of the SEP-HCP.